Stephanie Haberkorn

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Everything you wanted to know about Boxers

This breed is fun loving and high spirited. A boxer does not lack for energy! They jump alot and are playful. Boxers crave attention. However, some people do not want a dog that is full of energy. Boxers play physically and need an owner that is able to keep up with them. They need plenty of exercise and love.

A boxer is a good family dog and are great with children. A Boxer is very protective of its owner and family. Although Boxers have a poerful frame, all they want is your attention. Someone who bring a Boxer into their home should be expecting a larger size lap dog!

People who own Boxers form a great bound with their pet! People have a close relationship with their dog and would recomend the breed to other people. personally I think they are a great breed. However, the owner needs to be prepared for the dogs energy and need for attention.

Physical Attributes of a Boxer

A Boxer is usually between 50-80 pounds.

Has a powerful frame.

Boxers often have a chopped tail. Chopping the ears up is up to the owner.

Have a soft coat. Boxers are either of the fawn color or of the brindle color.

Are often unaware of their own strength. Boxers have very little body fat and a great muscle mass.

Need alot of exercise to stay healthy, and be able to burn their energy.

Boxers are one of the most frequent breeds to develope turmors as they age.

Their life span is between 10-14 years.

Love people and are unaware of their size.

Boxers may be unaware of their size but they are great for protection. Not only are they a larger breed but they are very protective of thier owners. They can sense the own known and will do what they can to protect their owners.