Ryan Kornhaas

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The Yankees started off the 2007 season with some key players on the disabled list and some to follow soon after. Chien-Ming Wang the ace of the staff hurt his left hamstring during spring training, Hideki Matsui the starting left fielder did the same thing, and Jeff Karstens a rookie who was going to make the rotation hurt his forearm right before the start of the regular season. Before the opening day the Yankees had three key players out. The list would soon continue as two more veteran pitchers go down after 1-2 starts each.

It must have been something with the cold weather affecting their hamstrings because that Mike Mussina was the third player with a hamstring injury for the Yankees. Now Carl Pavano started opening day due to Wangís injury and got hurt after his second start, the funny thing with him was before that he hasnít pitched since June of 2005. This was his turn to prove that he was still an effective pitcher but failed in that category. With the starting rotation in shambles the Yanks had to call up some youngsters. Kei Igawa was signed from Japan and hasnít pitched too well at all, Darrel Rasner another rookie pitcher has not pitched past the 5th inning; Chase Wright gave up four home runs in a row on 10 pitches. Those are the pitchers that were called up for some help but did nothing. Now Andy Pettite comes back to the Yankees after a 3 year departure and has been pitching great, the only problem is the bullpen is shot due to the overload of work. He should be 4-0 but the bullpen has blown three saves. Due to the lack of starting pitchers that can not go 6-7 innings, that hurts the bullpen over time.

The Yankees have now lost 5 in a row and find themselves in last place of the American league east, a division they usually dominate. Since all of these injuries Matsui the starting left fielder has come back and been productive. Jeff Karstens another rookie pitcher hasnít done too well since coming back, but found himself right back on the DL due to a broken bone in his leg. Now another rookie is being called up Phillip Hughes, who is the number 1 pitching prospect in all of baseball. Only 20 years old with a lot of pressure is on his shoulders.

With all of these problems the Yankees have not been able to win games. Losers of five in a row including being swept by the rival Red Sox who they face again this weekend and were also swept by a young and inexperienced Devil Rays team. This weekend contest is looking a little better for the Yankees because Wang is back and Pettite gets to pitch as well due to the rain out of last nights game.

The weekend series with the Red Sox is over and it turned out better than last weeks one. The Yankees take 1 of 3 games and are only 6 1/2 games back. Rumor on the street was that manager Joe Torre would have been fired if swept by the Red Sox again. That one victory in the weekend was a big one. The worst part of the season so far is that they couldn't win while ARod was having the best start of an offensive player ever. In the month of April he is batting 355 with 14 HR's, and 35 RBI's. A question to ask is what happens when he stops hitting like that? Hopefully the Yanks can pull it together sooner than later and catch up to the Red Sox.