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The Vacation Station is approaching its 3rd year anniversary and preparing to expand into two new locations along the east coast. The founders of Vacation Station, Bell Sanders and Jeremy Hoax, established this up and coming travel agency in hopes that they could unite affordable vacations with award winning service. For the past ten years Bell and Jeremy have conducted extensive research while working with other travel agencies around the country. With both national and international exposure to a variety of cultures, climates and people Bell and Jeremy are confident that they and their team of experts will be able to help you plan the trip of your dreams.


Although Vacation Station started out specializing in tropical vacations, they now have expanded their services out to include more rugged outdoor destinations as well as snowy getaways. skiing Whatever you vacation you wish to plan we are here to organize. Basically we take the guess work out of the equation. Being that we have connections in so many different markets we are able to find the best prices and the highest quality vacations bar none.

In the coming months Vacation Station plans to open up two new locations in and around Washington D.C. We hope that you’ll choose us as your Vacation experts because we are ready and rearing to go!

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