Monica Zawadski

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Monica Zawadski: "The Spaz"

A cheerleader in high school, this girl is as spirited, feisty and random as her NJ “we don’t care” attitude allows. Almost always smiling and giddy, this hyper New Jerseyian can’t be in one place for more than a few minutes. And with all the excitement Emmitsburg Maryland does not provide, she is constantly on the look for new ways to entertain herself.

Emily Crone: "The Competition"

If staying closest to home was the prize in this apartment, Emily would take the cake. Although she only traveled onto MSM territory from Braddock Heights, MD, you may think this girl was born and bred a fighter. Nice as can be and fun to boot, her competitive spirit seems to creep into any number of her daily activities. Challenge her in anything and its almost guaranteed that you will be sent away with your tail between your legs.

Meghan Dimauro: "The Sweetheart"

As pretty as she is sweet, Megahn DiMauro comes to the Mount from Havre de Grace, Maryland. Fun to hang out with and nice as can be, this girl will bend over backwards to make the important people in her life happy. She consistently drives home on the weekends to hang out with her family and boyfriend. On most days, she is as sweet as her southern upbringing can permit…but piss her off enough and you will spark an attitude only a true Italian heritage could bring.

Casey Paris: "The Athlete"

A terror on the field, this lacrosse captain is everything strong and fierce while playing her beloved sport. Originally from Longwood, Florida, Casey Paris relocated to glorious Emmitsburg, MD to play lacrosse for the Mountaineers. Her passion for the game cannot almost not be topped…except for her passion for watching cartoons. Walk through that bright blue door any afternoon and you will find her sprawled in front of her flat screen, giggling uncontrollably to Sponge Bob. Yep…and she is 22 years old.

Kelsey Maher: "Party Liason to Underclassmen"

Give her a bottle of Tanqueray and a crowd and this girl is in her glory. Coming over the Bay Bridge from preppy Annapolis Maryland, she brings with her to MSM a sense of adventure and a love for anything madras. In addition, she also brings along her perceived “rocker lifestyle”….you know the type, party all night- I’ll sleep when I’m dead. She’s a real treat when she’s had a few, so watch out world….don’t worry-she’ll be nice again once the aspirin kicks in.