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Welcome to Cool Beans Coffee Shop

Cozy and Relaxing Atmosphere in just One Visit and a Good Cup of Joe.

This is Cool  
Beans Owner, Rich Little

Just in time for the winter weather, the new hip cofee shop, Cool Beans has recently announced its grand opening. Cool Beans serves a wide assortment of pastries, sandwiches, cold drinks, and, of course, coffee!

Rich Little, creator and owner of Cool Beans welcomes a variety of people to this well-rounded coffee shop. Adults, teenagers, kids, college students, and even people from far distances come to enjoy the incredible tastes and cozy, but also hip atmosphere of this far from average coffee shop.

Once you walk into Cool Beans, you know it won't be your last visit, with its friendly workers and fun environment. This shop isn't just your typical Starbucks or Caribou Cofee place.

Looking for something to Java up your life? Here are the top 10 reasons to visit Cool Beans:

1. A cup of coffee shared with some friends at Cool Beans is happiness tasted and time well spent.

2. No one can understand the truth until they drink Cool Beans' frothy goodness.

3. Espresso is to Cool Beans, what champagne is to France.

4. On the eighth day, God created Cool Beans.

5. Free wireless internet, we'll have to kick you out for staying too long.

6. Our desserts have so much character they make you smile with just one bite.

7. Delicious sandwiches and salads, even better than grandma's.

8. Ready for all seasons, we've got it! Hot, cool, iced, or steamed, any way you like it.

9. Take a vacation from reality and step into our fantasy, with our unique decor that will without a doubt whisk you away.

10. Why drive to the nearest city for a concert, when we can provide you with front row seats. Local bands coming within the month.

"I designed this coffee shop with the idea that it could reach many genres of people. We offer free wireless Internet too, so many people can stay for hours enjoying the smells of fresh brewing coffee and big, stylish, comfortable couches," said Little.

Coffee lovers will not be disappointed. In addition to the fresh roasted whole bean and ground coffees, Cool Beans offers several brews each day, including organic fair trade selections. Of course, there's also a whole menu of espresso drinks featuring Arabica beans.

Have no fear--there are plenty of drinks for those who stay away from java, including chai latte, steamers, hot chocolate, specialty teas, and smoothies. Stop in, meet the staff, and have a bite to eat. You'll surely come back!

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