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The 4-Year Party We Like To Call College Is Coming To A Close: What's Next?

After a long and relaxing winter vacation, college seniors like myself, began what will be their last semester of classes EVER!

I am a senior at Mount Saint Mary's University and after returning to school this week, I realized the following things: one, I didn't have a job lined up for after I graduate; two, I didn't have a clue how to begin looking for a job; and three, I am graduating in four months! I panicked. Where had time gone?

To be honest, there is really no easy way of preparing yourself, mentally, to graduate college. The "real world" can be a scary thought for college grads...however, it does't have to be the end of the world. In the following months, I will be posting a weekly letter relaying my own stories about the experiences I will face while preparing to graduate college and enter into this so-called real world our elders speak about. I would like to invite viewers to read about my experiences, and take from them whatever advice I may have to offer. I also encourage viewers to explore the rest of my website and make use of any and all of the resources available. For instance, learn about what job fairs or career related events you can attend in your area and log onto Career Builder or Monster and perfect\post your resume or search for any job opportunities. Finally, I welcome whatever comments viewers may have about my site or any stories they may wish to share and enlighten the rest of us with.

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