Elizabeth Kessler


Breakdown of your Running Week

Most people think that putting in only long slow miles makes a good distance runner. While long slow miles are vital to any distance runner's training program, if you just log in long slow miles day after day all you will do is produce a runner whose only pace slow. That is why a good guide to you basic training week should be as follows:
1 Long Run
2 Workouts; one for endurance, one for speed
2 Shorter Distance Runs
1 Race or time trial type workout
1 Off or Easy day

An example for the weekly lay out for these runs would look something like:
Sunday: Long Run (ex: 75-90 minutes)
Monday: Work-Out; Speed (ex: repeat 400m at a little quicker than race pace OR 3-5x 1k)
Tuesday: Shorter Distance Run (ex: 40-60 minutes)
Wednesday: Work-Out; Endurance (ex: 30 minutes at a slow pace right into 20-25 minutes at a pace a little slower than 5k race pace)
Thursday: Shorter Distance Run (ex: 40-60 minutes)
Friday: Off OR 20-30 minutes easy
Saturday: Race OR Time-Trial Work-Out (ex: 2k or 2 mile at race pace)

Again this is just an example of how to break down your weekly running. You can come up with any variation of this due to how it best suits you. It is always recommended, however, to leave an easier day in between work-outs and also to do a short run the day before races just to keep your legs loose.

For those of you out there who are looking to add in more mileage, but at a lower injury risk, including a couple days a week where you would run twice a day, putting in a 20-30 minute run either in the morning or at night leaving a good 5-6 hours buffer between runs.

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