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About The Author

The Patterson family name goes along with bleeding hearts. Just like my mother, father, and brother, I too have a bleeding heart for animals. I always have. When I was young, I would cry when I saw road kill. I would also cry when animals died or were mistreated in movies, but I never remembered crying when a person died. I have always had this compassion for animals; I just can't get enough of them! This is only a small part of why the animals of the Patterson household have always been, and always will be, spoiled little pets. They are not just pets; they are part of the family. This website is the story of all the pets the Patterson family has had. The bios go in order chronologically. Sadie the dog was our first pet, followed by some rodents (Dolly and Feonabelle the guinea pigs, and Sally the mouse). After Sadie passed away, we got Jodi and Willy the dogs. After they passed on, we then got George the cat, and Duke the dog. This is where the story stops for now, because though George passed away, Duke is still going strong!

Pet Tips

n Make them exercise! Play with them and walk them as much as possible. A tired dog is a less annoying and healthier dog.
• Don't feed them too much junk. If they need a table scrap, make it unprocessed because processed food usually makes them throw up.
• Bathe them often! The longer they go, the smellier they will get.
• Take them on rides in the car. Give them some excitement and variety.
• Put away all food in reach of pets.
• Don’t give dogs chocolate-it is life endangering.
• Don’t reward cats when they bring you dead animals! They think they are bringing you a present unless you show them otherwise.